The setup of a store’s interior is considered to be one of the most important marketing tools which influence the behaviour of customers. It makes up the appearance of the retail outlet and is very important to the development of the image and identity of a company. That is why our installation, mounting and retail outlet renovation services done with accordance to the contractee’s design plans cover the whole Lithuania. We perform the redesign of areas by taking down unnecessary walls, putting new ones up, flooring, installing ceilings, furnishing, mounting, setting up plumbing, ventilation, fire and burglar alarm systems as well as the wiring and point of sale equipment. Our work is tailored to the wishes of the client and environmental factors, the opening hours of the store or the shopping mall; we can work nights and weekends. The redesign services we offer uphold the detailed image of the client’s company. Our work is high quality and always done on time!

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Retail and commercial lot installation services


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